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Here Today, Here Tomorrow, Here When You Need Us

Our Reliable Service Ensures that Your Lights Continue Look Great Year After Year

For Over 15 Years, Our Reliable Service has Ensured that Your Lights Continue to Work Right Each Night, Helping Your Home Look its Very Best

Lately, I have been thinking about the phrase – “here today, gone tomorrow.” This popular cliche describes many fleeting things in our world – pop music stars, internet memes, start-up businesses, and so on. It does not, however, describe our company.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee we promise to be here today and here tomorrow as well. For 15 years, we have stood behind that promise and made it our aim to be here for you, faithfully serving the CSRA since 1999.

We promise to be here or you…

LED Outdoor Lights in Augusta

The Popularity & Longevity of our Company Comes From Quick Response Times, Reliable Service and a Dependable Warranty. All these Keep your Lights Lights Looking Good & Working Right When you Need Them.

Next Week – Next week is Masters Week, and although many of our customers head out of town, we are staying in town to be available for whatever you might need. If you or your guests have any issues with your lighting system during Masters Week, call us and we will be there right away to make your lights look and work right again. 

If Something Goes Wrong During Masters Week, We are Here for You. Call us and We will Make it Right, Right Away

Fear Not – If Something Goes Wrong with your Lights During Masters Week, We are Here for You.
Call us and We will Make it Right, Right Away

Next Year – Every spring our schedule is filled with new installations for new customers, annual maintenance plans for our existing customers, and even non-OLP lighting system repairs for our competitors’ customers.  This last category constitutes a growing part of our business every year. Outdoor lighting is a significant investment (that can pay beautiful dividends), yet many people don’t think about servicing their system in the years to come. But, this is the biggest problem with ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ lighting companies – unreliable service. A landscaper or amateur lighting guy may offer a lower installation price, but consider the long-term costs of unreliable service. Outdoor lighting is all we do and we will aim to do it right. When you use us, you can rest easy knowing that your lights will be shining every night, year after year.


We Guarantee that your Guests will Enjoy a 'Deep Breath' Outdoor Atmosphere During Masters Week

We Guarantee that your Guests will Enjoy a ‘Deep Breath’ Outdoor Atmosphere During Masters Week

Next Decade – We have been serving the CSRA for over 15 years, significantly longer than anyone else in our area. This highlights what many consider to be our strongest selling point – our warranty. Put simply, we have the best warranty in the biz. Anyone can sell you a warranty, but will they be around to honor it if something goes wrong? We have been standing behind our warranties for over 15 years, our national franchise has been doing so for over 21 years. This means that when you buy one of our lighting systems, you know that you are getting a guarantee that is worth something. We will be here for you when you need us. That peace of mind is priceless.

As our outdoor lighting competitors come and go in the CSRA, we remain. Longevity is one of the ‘intangible benefits’ that you get with our company, but you can easily appreciate tangible benefits that come with our lights – quick response time, reliable service and a dependable warranty. Bottom line,  you can trust that we are here for you today, and we will be here for you tomorrow, faithfully serving all your outdoor lighting needs.

If you have any questions, or would like a free home consultation, call us at (706) 722-5711 in Augusta/Aiken or (706) 484-9711 in Athens/Lake Oconee.

Have a great Masters Week,

Pat Otis, President

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta

Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Lake Oconee


Its that Time of Year Again in Augusta…

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta & Lake Oconooe Outdoor Lighting

Its been a long winter, but Spring has come to Augusta.
Is your home looking its best?

I don’t know what I’d do without my wife, my office manager, or my cell phone. These 3 consistently remind me of the important things I tend to forget. This week, I am going to remind you about 2 important things that are coming up very soon this time of year…

Our Lights Look So Good, & are So Inexpensive to run, you Will Leave Them on All Night Long.

Our LCA timers take away the hassle. They are very convenient, extremely customizable, & always reliable.

1). Daylighting Savings is this weekend! This Sunday, we ‘spring forward’ an hour. Yes, we lose an hour of sleep, but we also gain back some of those precious hours of daylight in the evening hours. So, this is a remember to find every clock in your house, car, and office and set it forward one hour.

pool & Arbor lights augusta georgia

Is your pool ready for those hot summer nights?

What a hassle, huh? Forget one clock and you might show up somewhere pretty late. Wouldn’t it be nice if your whole house was like your cell phone, automatically updating to the correct time when needed? Thankfully, you don’t have to hassle with our lights.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta and Lake Oconee, we have a lighting timer system that we are very proud of. Our ‘Lighting Control Automation’ (LCA) system is an intuitive, state-of-the-art system that our customers absolutely love. I’ll give you three quick reasons why our LCA system is the best timer available on the market today.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives - augusta / aiken Pool Party

Custom program your LCA timer for a variety of themes that fit your lifestyle. This one is called: “evening swim”

Our LCA timers are…CONVENIENT: Our LCA timers utilize cutting edge coordinate-based software that automatically adjusts for constantly changing conditions like local sunrise/sunset, daylight savings time, etc. This makes our timer system extremely convenient – you don’t have to reset your timer every few months, you just enjoy lights that work right when you need them to. CUSTOMIZABLE: Our LCA timers are also fully customizable to meet your individual needs (and wildest desires). Depending on your preferences, we can program our lightsto come on at different times, in different zones, and even with different devices (switches, computer tablets, cell phones). Get this – not only can we program our lights, but we can also integrate any existing inside or outside light into our LCA system. This means we can program ‘smart lighting themes’ for your home. Some of our popular themes include the ‘welcome home’, “evening party’, ‘midnight snack’, ‘on vacation’ themes, and many more. Our LCA timers options are limited only by your imagination. CONSISTENT: Best of all, our LCA timers never suffer from weak signal issues, making them extremely consistent and reliable. Our timers ensure that your lights work like you want them to, every time you need them to.

Our Masters Makeover makes this pond and waterfall glow at night.

How does your garden glow? Our famous “Masters Makeover” brings new life to this pond at night.

2). The Masters Golf Tournament is less than a month away! Yes, its tournament time in Augusta. Many of our customers bring in special guests and we are in the business of bringing that world-famous ‘Masters Makeover’ to each and every home we light. For the next few weeks I will tell you about some of the major ways that we can help you bring that ‘Masters Makeover’ to your home or garden.

If you have any questions about our LCA timers, or if you would like see a free demonstration of how we can help your house get ready for the Masters, please give us a call at (706) 722-5711 in Augusta or (706) 484-9711 in Lake Oconee. Tournament time  is a very busy time of year for us, and our schedule is filling up quickly, so call us today! 

Pat Otis, President

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Augusta

Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Lake Oconee